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About Our Founder

Pt. Devi Shankarji Tiwari

OCTOBER 28, 1903
JANUARY 26, 1993

All institutions run by the Bharat Sevak Shiksha Samiti will always remain indebted to their founder Chairman, late Pt. Devi Shankarji Tiwari. He was a visionary who always thought ahead of his time and wanted to prepare the younger generation to meet the challenges of future. He aimed at keeping pace with the changes taking place on the scene, and no wonder he kept abreast of the developments in various fields. He was among the fortunate few who got opportunities to play a variety of roles in their lives. He started his career as a lawyer, and as President of the Praja Mandal he participated in the freedom struggle. As the then Education Minister, he was instrumental in starting the University of Rajasthan and S.M.S. Medical College. He worked as Chairman of the R.P.S.C. and U.I.T. In all modesty, he was one of the architects of Jaipur. Whatever he did bore testimony to his best.

L.B.S. P.G. College was started as an evening college to impart formal education to in-service people who could not attend day colleges. Gradually the college scaled new heights. The Science Faculty was started in 1970, the Commerce Faculty in 1974, the Law Classes in 1974, P.G. Classes in 1988, Computer Science in 1989 and the B.Ed. in 1995. As he always encouraged new ideas and schemes, he took great interest when it was suggested to him that the Diploma Course in Pharmacy should be started. It was only because of him and efforts of Daulat Malji Bhandari that the course started in our college in 1988. To ensure the quality of teaching he entrusted Dr. V.N. Sharma, a renowned professor and ex-Principal, Bikaner Medical College and Jodhpur Medical College, with the responsibility of looking after the pharmacy course. Under his guidance, L.B.S. College of Pharmacy has made a mark of its own.

Pt. Tiwariji’s was a restless soul. He always believed in materialising dreams into reality. He was an institution in himself. He was richly inventive. His power was his will to start educational institutions and he was impelled by the powers of the institutions he started. He was always cheerful, impeccable, full of missionary zeal, confident, tolerant and ready to help the needy. All in all, he was a man of exemplary character and had an Rx for each and every social malady.

Hon’ble Justice Daulat Malji Bhandari

DECEMBER 16, 1907
JANUARY 10, 2004

Hon’ble Shri Daulat Malji Bhandari, Ex-Chief Justice, Rajasthan High Court, adorned the Bench of the Rajasthan High Court for a period of 14 years.

Shri Daulat Malji Bhandari, was born at Jaipur on 16.12.1907. He graduated from Maharaja College, Jaipur in the year 1928 and obtained the Master’s Degree in Mathematics and LLB from Canning College, Lucknow in the year 1930. During his educational period he was greatly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi - Father of the Nation.

After passing LLB, he joined the Bar and soon he was acclaimed as a leading advocate in the legal profession. He was also elected President of the Bar Council.
Shri Daulat Malji Bhandari played dominant role in the Freedom Movement which is popularly known as Quit India Movement. In 1942, like other freedom fighters, he was thrown behind bars. In 1947 he was made Development Minister in Jaipur State and remained as such upto 1949. After independence in 1952 he became the first Congress M.P. from Rajasthan and served the five year term as a good Parliamentarian. After elaborate practice at the Bar, he was requested to serve the Bench as a Judge of Rajasthan High Court on 26.07.1955. He retired as Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court in 1969. Soon after his retirement he was appointed as member of Krishna River Water dispute and Godawari River Water dispute. He held this post for 11 years.
Even after retirement, he took active interest in the social and constructive activities in Rajasthan. He remained President of Gau Seva Sangh for a number of years. He was Founder Member of Indian Law Institute and Patron, Lal Bahadur Shastri College, Jaipur.

The memory of Hon’ble Justice Daulat Malji Bhandari used to beat any computer. He will be ever remembered for his sharp wit, attractive humour, bright intellect, dedication to truth and justice.